Our Services


Modernizing your elevator system will provide long term cost savings, increased performance/reliability, and ensure compliance with the latest local and state codes.  TAKA offers full modernization services utilizing high quality, non-proprietary controls.


Elevators have hundreds of moving parts, run daily, and are a lifeline to your building.  Having the correct preventative maintenance program in place is the best way to decrease unforeseen shutdowns and extend the life of your elevator.


TAKA installs cutting edge, safe, reliable commercial elevators for low and mid rise buildings.  Our products are proudly made in the USA and boast of being a dependable work horse in the elevator industry.

Upgrades & Repairs

TAKA provides standard, fair prices for most repairs and upgrades, including solid state starters, motors, valves replacements, 5 year tests, door operators, fixture upgrades, and much more.