Elevators have an average lifespan of 25 years depending on usage, type, maintenance, and environment.  If you believe it is time to replace your elevator the most important thing you can do is make an educated decision.  Our modernization team performs a full survey of your equipment and presents options based upon your predetermined needs and budget.  We strive to educate you and be completely transparent regarding the modernization options and process.

Elevators have hundreds of components that may be replaced or retained during a modernization.  Understanding what is being replaced and why it is being replaced is the most important item when developing a specification.  The more you understand, the better decision you will make.

Ask yourself these questions before choosing a modernization contractor.

  • Is my new control system proprietary?
  • Will any elevator contractor be able to get parts later on down the line?
  • How are these parts distributed?  On the open market, through several distributors? Or only the OEM company?
  • What are the on going maintenance costs associated with my new equipment?

If you are considering replacing, upgrading, or modernizing your elevators please call our office (407) 788-8127 to schedule a free consultation with our modernization team!